Best places to hang around in Luang Prabang, Laos

Best places to hang around in Luang Prabang, Laos

Travel and Real Estate in Laos

The historic Luang Prabang is located in the North of Laos and is a dedicated UNESCO Site since 1995. This city is regarded by many vacationers and publishers as getting the center of Laotian lifestyle, this small city is encased by the mountains from four sides and these mountains as as high as 1,000 meters above sea level and many rivers flow through these mountains, including the Mekong and Nam Khan River. This city is arguably Asia’s most gorgeous place to visit for travelers from all around the world. Luang Prabang was the historic capital of Lan Xang dynasty until the warlord relocated the administrative capital to Vientiane in 1540’s. Luang Prabang offers multiple places for sightseeing, mountain climbing and have large parks where families and sole travelers can enjoy long nights in the wild.

This is the list of the best places a foreigner can visit and take pleasure of, while traveling to Luang Prabang, the best value for money places in Asia.

Mount Phousi

Mount Phousi is 360 steps walk to the view point of the city and gives a striking look of this small city from the top. Photographers can 360-degree panoramic photographs of the place which will give an exciting touch to your travel. These photographs will definitely prove to be one of the finest moments of your life. You may climb the mountains for more excitement.

Kuang Sii Waterfalls

These exciting to see waterfalls are no less than a wonder of the world. The bright blue color of water adds exciting beauty to this place and you may find many roadside shops where you can enjoy top quality local food, which will add another beauty to your trip. It is recommended to stay near the Waterfalls and don’t get lost in the remote areas as there are very steep slopes and one can easily damage itself.

Tak Bat

This shimmering shrine is more of a castle and has an amazing architecture. You may find early walkers and ceremonies taking place in early morning and shrine staff wearing bright orange clothes walking around while beating drums to wake up the city. This is a tradition of Buddhist’s and has been going around since years.

Real Estate Resources for Travel

These 3 places are the ones you must never miss when visiting Luang Prabang, Laos. Apart from the generous, lively and helping people, Luang Prabang is very cheap in terms of food, hoteling and traveling. For more information on traveling and real estate visit this real estate website. They are friends of ours and have helped us in our real estate investing so much that we now have time to travel to places like in this post.

How to Celebrate Eid Festival

How to Celebrate Eid Festival

Eid is an extraordinary religious festival celebrated by Muslims all around the world. Though Muslims have two Eids, both for different reasons they are not to be confused. Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated after the challenging month of Ramadan in which the Muslims are required to fast for spiritual attainment, on the first day in the month of Shawwal Muslims rejoice the ending of their fasting month with now clean souls. Like Christmas and Hanukkah, Eid marks the blissful exchange of hugs, handshakes and Eidi among the Islamic community.

Large gatherings- which include relatives from abroad and people you only see once a year- are thrown in merriment and desi, delicious cuisines are prepared. A typical Eid-ul-Fitr day starts in the morning when the men of the household gather in the largest mosque of the vicinity to offer the Eid prayers, most of them dressed in crisp alabaster kurta salwar (the traditional Muslim dress). The women of the house prepare delicious foods and sweets namely, Sheer Khurma which is a notorious dessert that Muslims make on the Eid day. Biryani, beef kebabs, sajjis and many more Pakistani and other-worldly dishes are presented in their congregations.

The eldest of the families such as parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles all impart name given gifts (Eidi) which is mostly in form of goodwill money to the younger members of the family. For kids Eid is mostly about who can collect the most Eidi and save it up for something big.

The second Eid of the Muslims takes place on the tenth day in the month of Zil-Haj. Eid-ul-Adha marks the celebration of Muslims because of the willingness of the great Prophet Ibrahim to forfeit his son to the will of Allah, and was replaced by a sheep before he was sacrificed by the will of Allah. And so the Muslims rejoice in the miracle that took place. On this Eid also called the Sacrifice Feast, Muslims from around the world who can afford to buy sacrificial animals such as cows, goats, camels and sheep sacrifice them. The meat of the animal is divided into three equal parts; one for the destitute, one for friends and relatives and the last one is kept for themselves.

This Eid is celebrated in the same manner but is considered holier of the two. Well, this one also consists of the heartier cuisines as most of them are prepared by meat that is either from their own share or that received by friends and family. The Eid holidays are almost a magical experience for the Islamic community and as much anticipated Eid is for Muslims many people around the world from other religions also join in their happiness at times.

‎How to save money on cruise trip vacations

‎How to save money on cruise trip vacations

Wondering that how can you save money on your cruise? And still can enjoy the cruise. Here are the tips through which you can enjoy discounts on cruise and that many people do not know.

There are many discounts offers that cruise lines or cruise travel agencies offer and by availing such discounts you can save money on your cruise easily. Apart from making off – season cruises here are the other tips to save your money.



Cruise Travel Agencies

Cruise Travel agencies may also reduce your cost by reducing their commissions on tickets. Cruise travel agencies get a commission from the cruise line for every ticket they sell, and some cruise travel agencies pass on a part of their commissions to their customers and in this way, you can save money on your cruise. But this may not happen always if the cruise line did not allow the agencies to do that.

Cruise Travel agencies also have deals and bargain offers if the number of people increases. Let’s say that if only one person is going, it will cost too much. You may consider taking along your friends or your family to enjoy maximum bargains.

Booking Time

A few years ago, there was a common idea that the last-minute buyers would most possibly achieve bigger discounts because the cruise line wants to fill the seats to complete the profitability.

But generally, the booking before time is considered beneficial like three to four months before the cruise time. But even this may also fail in some cruise lines as these cruise lines launch their tickers be included in t soon because of their popularity. But even if these last-minute tickets are not available you can avail discounts on many cruise lines by advance booking. So, booking time is very important as through it you will be able to save money on your cruise.

Similarly, there are websites which offers certain discounts for a limited time. These discounts can be availed only once, per ip-address. Which means that once you miss that page, you probably won’t be able to get the discount. However, you can use proxy software’s and vpn tools or ask your friend to get the offer for you.

2 For 1 Cruise Deals

2 for 1 deal is also offered by some cruise lines and is a good way to save money on your cruise but it is possible that airfare may not be included in this 2 for 1 deal.

Discounts on Group Travel

Some cruise line also provides discounts on group re – unions and group travels. You must seek for some special packages offered for groups as this can be a great way to save money on your cruise. In the same scenario, honey moon tickets or marriage groups can also get special discounts. To qualify as a group, you may need eight double occupancy staterooms, but you must ask your cruise travel what constitutes a group.

Discounts for Seniors

There are also special discounts for seniors that are over fifty-five years. Here is may be the best part that only one passenger in a stateroom is required to be aged and the others can get discount with him.

These are some of the tips through which you can save money on your cruise. To keep getting hundreds of tips about how to save money on cruise trip vacations, keep following our blog. Or you can also let us know your story in the comments and tell us how you saved your money when you spend holidays on a cruise.


The Asian continent has so many places that tourists can choose to pay a visit. In fact, choosing a specific place can be extremely difficult because there are diverse places with unique features and characteristics but however, that is a good problem that one can encounter. There are cheap flights within the Asian continent, and therefore there is no need to despair when visiting major hubs. The most famous and visited destinations in Asia may be familiar but yet still surprising. Some of the renown places include Gansu in China, Tokyo South in Japan, Northern Kerala in India, Astana in Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Raja Ampat in Indonesia amongst others.

Beijing, China

Most of the historical sites in Beijing makes it a top destination to visit especially those who come from Asian countries, the western countries and China itself. An estimated number of over sixteen million visitors go to China every year to see the great wall, which was originally built to protect and preserve China’s Northern parts in the past 2000 years ago. Also, the forbidden city and the temple of heaven are ancient grand attractions in Beijing City.

Mount Everest

It is situated in Nepal, and many visitors don’t just visit to climb but are content to watch and take photographs from the nearby Tibet, India or China. Mount Everest has the world’s highest peak which rises to 29,029 feet. This natural feature qualifies to be among the top things to view in Asia.

Penang, Malaysia

Penang, also known as the “pearl of orient” is the place to relax, eat tasty food and appreciate Malaysian environment in a new way. The Malaysian people are always proud of their island, and of course, they should be! Penang hawker food combines the efforts of Indian and Chinese immigrants to make mouthwatering creations. Tantalizing food isn’t the only indulgence on the island but also art galleries and hip museums along with other interesting stuff one can do.

Tokyo the Disneyland

Tourists don’t leave Tokyo before visiting Meiji Shrine, Tokyo’s art, and cultural museums. There are great options of activities and spots to explore in Tokyo through the year. You can start your vacation or trip here by visiting the Tokyo National Museum and going to shop at Tsukiji Market. Don’t forget to visit some of Tokyo’s Shinto and Buddhist sites.


Singapore is a stopover city known for pristine streets and modern building designs. Within the city, one will discover a world-class shopping experience, original Raffles hotels, and sparkling neighborhoods. This is a city where tourists go for a stopover before they proceed with their journey.

How to get to Nanga Parbat: The Naked Mountain

How to get to Nanga Parbat: The Naked Mountain

The second largest peak of Pakistan succeeding K2, Nanga Parbat is the most mysterious mountain with an odd history that is a notoriously strenuous climb. Nanga Parbat lies among the west moors of the Himalayas, where the River Indus circles over it into the plains of Pakistan. It is the highest point where it starts, all the way into the Arabian Sea. The Kashmiris have named the peak as the “Naked Mountain” after its sides that are too sheer for the snow to blanket it.

The mountain has a most amazing history of climbers, where more than a thousand people have tries to succor it but not all were quite successful. Many attempts turned into brutal deaths where bodies were discovered near the base camps which is why it is also called the “Killer Mountain.” The locals there have an extraordinary tale to tell about the killer peak of Pakistan and the journey to visit is an eccentric expedition. The base camp of Nanga Parbat lies at the scenic destination of Fairy Meadows, named by the German climbers. It is basically the bucket list of many trekking buffs around the world to once go see the viciously beautiful peak surrounded by the gloriousness of Gilgit-Baltistan.

The journey to Nanga Parbat is a bumpy ride, but one filled with adventures. It begins with a straight flight to Islamabad, the cosmopolitan capital of Pakistan. Islamabad and Rawalpindi are the twin metropolitans of Pakistan, located around them are small wondrous but equally beautiful towns of Murree, Nathia Gali, Ayubia etc. So, while you are at the road you can always visit these towns for an extra little ounce of entertainment. The best season to visit Nanga Parbat is the time during early spring (April-May) to late autumn (October). In the winters the path that leads to the base camps or anywhere near the ranges is strictly cordoned due to the danger of land sliding and avalanches which seems to be a common thing for a three thousand and two hundred meter altitude.

However, onward from the twin cities, it is better to opt for the passage by-road as the weather up north is quite unpredictable which makes causes a fair amount of delays. So unless you like to enjoy waiting countless hours and are ready to brace yourself for an early emergency landing even after departure, you can always choose to go airborne. Before reaching the Tato village from where you can easily trek to Nanga Parbat base camp, there are a few towns that you pass through. The Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan is illustrious due the striking attractions it is home to. Chilas and Astore are a must visit. It is about a 10 hour ride from Islamabad to Chilas and Astore, two picturesque small towns in the Gilgit-Baltistan territory from where you drive toward Tato all the way to Fairy Meadows.

The road to Fairy Meadows is the most treacherously intriguing 4WD path in all of Pakistan, as dangerous as it seems it is even more fun to cross through the highway of heaven. This is actually where the base camp of the ninth highest peak of the world lies. Many people camp there in search for a more wild adventure however, you always have a choice to visit the nearby locations such as the Hunza Valley.

Places to Eat in Toronto

Places to Eat in Toronto

Toronto is huge and this year Toronto turned 193. Toronto in Canada is one of the places in the world you should must visit if you have the love and craze for food. Well, who doesn’t? These are the top 5 places you should pay a visit whenever you tend to visit Toronto.

1 – Horizons Restaurant at the CN Tower.

One thing recommended to do is to reserve a table by the windows so you can enjoy amazing food with a breath-taking view. Might as well enjoy the beautiful view, since you’re up there. It can get extremely windy and chilly up there in the winter so make sure you bundle up before walking out to check out the incredible view.

2- Big Tuna Poke Bar

The first impression of this tiny restaurant in K-Town was the nice decor. You can order the most basic things such as the Classic Bowl. It is a really healthy place to stop by for lunch and it’s very accommodating to not only meat-eaters, but to vegetarians as well. Space is very limited to dine in so if you’re in a hurry, and need to grab a meal to-go, this is the perfect place to stop by.

3 – Crepe Shops

Spend the day shopping around Kensington Market in downtown Toronto and visit some Instagram-worthy crepe shops in the area. Be sure to check out this waffle dessert shop. They do provide you with set waffle combos in the menu, but it is better to create your own. Subsequently, you can opt for the green tea ice cream on a waffle. This is a perfect place to stop by for a girls’ night out of desserts.

4 – Max’s Restaurant

If you are a first timer you may love to dine at this place as it is an extremely wonderful places to visit in Toronto. There are many great things to eat such as their Filipino desserts. Order the Beef Peanut Stew (Kare-Kare) with garlic rice on the side. You can also order the Halo Halo dessert and it has a taste out of this world. You can never go wrong with shaved ice blended with sweet beans, sago, and coconut.

5 – QQ Thai Ice Creams

Speaking of iced desserts, it will be a treat to order a rolled ice cream dessert a try. You can order The Green Giant to end things off, which has one of the best topping you can try in all of Toronto.


Ordering the yam noodles can be a perfect combo of delicious and refreshing all-in-one go. It is also famous for its desserts and you may try to visit this place over and over again. Each time you can order a different dish. First timers can definitely order the Tender Pork Ramen which is a particular dish you will never get tired of eating.

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