Places to Eat in Toronto

Places to Eat in Toronto

Toronto is huge and this year Toronto turned 193. Toronto in Canada is one of the places in the world you should must visit if you have the love and craze for food. Well, who doesn’t? These are the top 5 places you should pay a visit whenever you tend to visit Toronto.

1 – Horizons Restaurant at the CN Tower.

One thing recommended to do is to reserve a table by the windows so you can enjoy amazing food with a breath-taking view. Might as well enjoy the beautiful view, since you’re up there. It can get extremely windy and chilly up there in the winter so make sure you bundle up before walking out to check out the incredible view.

2- Big Tuna Poke Bar

The first impression of this tiny restaurant in K-Town was the nice decor. You can order the most basic things such as the Classic Bowl. It is a really healthy place to stop by for lunch and it’s very accommodating to not only meat-eaters, but to vegetarians as well. Space is very limited to dine in so if you’re in a hurry, and need to grab a meal to-go, this is the perfect place to stop by.

3 – Crepe Shops

Spend the day shopping around Kensington Market in downtown Toronto and visit some Instagram-worthy crepe shops in the area. Be sure to check out this waffle dessert shop. They do provide you with set waffle combos in the menu, but it is better to create your own. Subsequently, you can opt for the green tea ice cream on a waffle. This is a perfect place to stop by for a girls’ night out of desserts.

4 – Max’s Restaurant

If you are a first timer you may love to dine at this place as it is an extremely wonderful places to visit in Toronto. There are many great things to eat such as their Filipino desserts. Order the Beef Peanut Stew (Kare-Kare) with garlic rice on the side. You can also order the Halo Halo dessert and it has a taste out of this world. You can never go wrong with shaved ice blended with sweet beans, sago, and coconut.

5 – QQ Thai Ice Creams

Speaking of iced desserts, it will be a treat to order a rolled ice cream dessert a try. You can order The Green Giant to end things off, which has one of the best topping you can try in all of Toronto.


Ordering the yam noodles can be a perfect combo of delicious and refreshing all-in-one go. It is also famous for its desserts and you may try to visit this place over and over again. Each time you can order a different dish. First timers can definitely order the Tender Pork Ramen which is a particular dish you will never get tired of eating.

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