The Asian continent has so many places that tourists can choose to pay a visit. In fact, choosing a specific place can be extremely difficult because there are diverse places with unique features and characteristics but however, that is a good problem that one can encounter. There are cheap flights within the Asian continent, and therefore there is no need to despair when visiting major hubs. The most famous and visited destinations in Asia may be familiar but yet still surprising. Some of the renown places include Gansu in China, Tokyo South in Japan, Northern Kerala in India, Astana in Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Raja Ampat in Indonesia amongst others.

Beijing, China

Most of the historical sites in Beijing makes it a top destination to visit especially those who come from Asian countries, the western countries and China itself. An estimated number of over sixteen million visitors go to China every year to see the great wall, which was originally built to protect and preserve China’s Northern parts in the past 2000 years ago. Also, the forbidden city and the temple of heaven are ancient grand attractions in Beijing City.

Mount Everest

It is situated in Nepal, and many visitors don’t just visit to climb but are content to watch and take photographs from the nearby Tibet, India or China. Mount Everest has the world’s highest peak which rises to 29,029 feet. This natural feature qualifies to be among the top things to view in Asia.

Penang, Malaysia

Penang, also known as the “pearl of orient” is the place to relax, eat tasty food and appreciate Malaysian environment in a new way. The Malaysian people are always proud of their island, and of course, they should be! Penang hawker food combines the efforts of Indian and Chinese immigrants to make mouthwatering creations. Tantalizing food isn’t the only indulgence on the island but also art galleries and hip museums along with other interesting stuff one can do.

Tokyo the Disneyland

Tourists don’t leave Tokyo before visiting Meiji Shrine, Tokyo’s art, and cultural museums. There are great options of activities and spots to explore in Tokyo through the year. You can start your vacation or trip here by visiting the Tokyo National Museum and going to shop at Tsukiji Market. Don’t forget to visit some of Tokyo’s Shinto and Buddhist sites.


Singapore is a stopover city known for pristine streets and modern building designs. Within the city, one will discover a world-class shopping experience, original Raffles hotels, and sparkling neighborhoods. This is a city where tourists go for a stopover before they proceed with their journey.