Travel For The Disabled

Travel for DisabledToday it is easier than it ever has been for the disabled to travel. Most countries and principalities have enacted laws to aid disabled people to have access to all public facilities. This also includes that buildings and parks have specially designed bathrooms to facilitate those with disabilities. When it comes to travel it has never been as easy as it is now for a disabled person to board a plane or a train to get to their destinations.

Disabled Business Travelers

This is especially true for the disabled business traveler. Think how hard it must be for them to get through all the security that is now enacted in all the airports around the world. It’s difficult enough for those of us with normal abilities. So, this is a wonderful change for those with disabilities who travel often. This would be the business traveler for sure. Nevertheless, they still have challenges because as we know airports are hard to navigate congested and full of traffic. So, what can the disabled traveler do to make his life and his travel less taxing?

It is a great idea to use the abilities that the internet us to do research prior to travel. It has never been easier to find maps and pictures of places in airports that you may have to navigate. Not only that booking hotel rooms has become something that is easy for us to do and we do not require the aid of a travel agent anymore. This means that the typical disabled Traveler can contact many different hotels to find the one that best suits his or her needs.

Many of these hotels are now friendly to disabled people. This means that they have updated their rooms and lobbies and elevator systems to accommodate those with special needs. Traveling can make one very tired so having these changes is a wonderful feature for the disabled. Not only that the rooms and facilities are much safer in case of any type of emergency. It’s hard enough for non-disabled people to get out in the event of an emergency so imagine how much more difficult it is for the disabled.

Navigating Airports When Disabled

Airports are particularly difficult for the traveler with a disability. They are extremely hectic and busy with many people in a rush. And it always seems there is little information available when you need it and you are in a rush. Even though there may be attendance available they are usually extremely busy and hard to get to.Airplane Travel

It’s a good idea for the disabled traveler to bring any kind of doctor’s notes or directions when they travel. This may make getting through certain areas they encounter while traveling easier. Many doctors can write out information that may be needed to Aid the disabled Traveler.


Probably the easiest thing for the disabled traveler to do is to try to minimize the connecting flights. If you are able to get a direct flight, then please take advantage of that as it will greatly reduce the stress and time of your travel. This Cuts so much risk down for the disabled traveler that it is probably very easy to justify the extra expense.

Since the disabled travel or may not have the ability to carry the luggage that someone without a disability can it becomes important for them to choose the right luggage. This is easier said than done because traveling light for the disabled may not be as easy for them as it is for the non-disabled. Since they have special needs when they travel they may have to have more things with them.

Despite all these challenges travel is much easier for the disabled than it has ever been. All the modern facilities in the modern technologies have greatly made it easier for the disabled traveler to enjoy his trip and to get there more safely.

Real Estate For the Disabled

When it comes to comfort nothing beats home. Finding the best real estate for a disabled person is more challenging for so many reasons. The needs in the home are different and may bring challenges that most do not face. Finding the realtor who knows how to navigate these home buying challenges is a great start for the disabled traveler who wants to put down some roots and have a home to come back to. Many realtors, are skilled in finding these types of homes. They understand the needs of the disabled business traveler and can help find the best arrangement for them.

So the best news for the disabled traveler is that there are many options today that did not exist not too long ago. Take advantage of all of them. Even though there are still travel challenges they can be overcome.